Laughing Death

by OroborO

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Miles i'm a little centipede you dont wanna fuck with me!!!!!!!!!!!!! saw them at my college, got a SICK tshirt Favorite track: Lil Centipede.
fwola thumbnail
fwola i like dis
styggs. thumbnail
styggs. Now, that's it. Been a long time since I heard something so clear yet somewhat deranged, so new and exciting but somehow really deeply known. Fabulous work on the guitar, outstanding voice work. Some instant all-time favourites in there. Favorite track: I Love You.
Anthony Earabino
Anthony Earabino thumbnail
Anthony Earabino The rawest of fire and the purest of heat. Simply a must-listen if you like progressive/mathy/psychedelic music Favorite track: Baked Acid.
deefish666 thumbnail
deefish666 This kicks ass Favorite track: Kuru.
jenntaiga thumbnail
jenntaiga This is a masterpiece. From front to back, every second and every note of this work is perfect. You need this in your life.
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released January 12, 2018

Nate - guitar / synths
Emily - vocals
Jordan - drums
Spencer - bass / really good
Recorded/mixed by Andrew Oedel @ Ghost Hit Recording in Holyoke MA

*Credit to Beat Happening for track 5 "I Love you" and subsequently to Girl Band's cover of the song.

Mastered by Richard Marr @ Galaxy Park Studios
Additional thanks to Hunter, Bling Mansion, Andrew Oedel & Ghost Hit Recording, Bobby Casserole, thanks, The Flip, Gren, Nick's Rug, Mint Palace & the boys, Ray, Taco Bell, Mantha, Emma (both of them), Bailey, the Chicago crew, the Smith crew, OkCupid, bingus, Sam U, Kyle, Eric Presz, Greg, Trevor, the 4 Moms that made this possible, our nightmares, the Rhode Island scene, the Hampshire crew, love and camaraderie & all of our families n friendz and all the rad bands we have had the chance to play with


all rights reserved



OroborO Boston, Massachusetts

squelching knot of abhorrent mania

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Track Name: Demogorgon
we all owe and owe

who i recall is not who responds
memory begs but the essence is gone

i can't forsee this failure meaning anything
herein lies our covetous birth, lifeless circuit of personal worth
drained until i'm empty, drained until

i can't forsee this failure meaning
anything for me, anything for me, anything but darling
you tell me of aches and i strip off my shirt
build you a tourniquet fit for your hurts and i

i cannot operate now, rotting in the 12th house, extant without

common ground, all the same
have you forgotten the pull of our immaculate april?
a sorry little bliss

our little
corpses laid
under the
sun that day
bridge a beetle between our fingers, touch me
not so lucky this utterance leaves, you found a clover with only three

time heals all absent this
my insides are feverish

oh baby, it's enough to occupy this body
slice a tie
oh baby, it's enough to occupy this mind
shed your skin
on the screen
while i make
better means
oh baby it's enough to occupy this body
slice a tie
oh, baby it's enough to occupy this mind
all goodbyes

our touch incites a writhe, but only inside

the whole of this body will harmonize
these severed limbs unite
the water is thick with the covenant call
my brothers and i

but i am only inside, only alive, i'm only divine

obsessive affection infected reflection bisected in sections
with false recollections, projections
all efforts erratic and sad sick at the last hit but massive impassive
is massive, impassive, is passed and i lasted
so come cut me open the quadrangle closes and i own this, i owe

tell her i'm so sorry

our touch incites a write, but only inside

nevermind the bed, i made it and i lie in it without your element in
i know it's almost over

our touch incites a write, but only inside

tell her it's alright

our touch incites a write, but only inside
Track Name: Swamp
hey, little man
a poisonous entitlement
dig down, you couldn't matter if you tried
get back inside

pleasure corrupt inside anonymous husk the hysterical lust brings abundant disgust and my calling is such is the crux of justice running the crust, i fuck it up, i fuck it
up, and i know what you

terrible odds for saftey facades
i know what you did

i saw you pray
saw you pray, saw you pray for it beg for it
i saw you on your knees, saw you on your knees for it
i know, i know, i know

humanity runs alone
humanity runs its fingers black under tar, infest the keys you see and

if i ever meet the dirt at your feet then i will eat it with ketchup and scoop with my teeth
he will bleed out in my mouth i don't mean a waning
fading on the right til there's no man remaining

fading on the right til there's no man remaining, the blood on my hands but there won't be a framing

i never absolved you

fading on the right til there's no man remaining, the blood on my hands but there won't be a framining

i never absolved you
of any, and all

i witnessed your word
depravity, depravity and human drought
i oughta rip your words out, words out
i oughta rip you, i oughta rip you out

by the tougne

catalyze a havoc, my
limits your elusive prize
limiting the whole of your reach, tear off divisional hands
catch me if you can
Track Name: Lil Centipede
i’m a little centipede
a wholly, rolling, bottomfeed
i will eat a worm and see
it surely fortifying me

i’m a little centipede
with quiet ferocity
please be kind when you see me
oh please be kind when you see me

always aching thirstily
for slick and chilly porcelain
i will travel but it seems
that nobody accompanies
oh no

raw, raw, raw
consumption tear me off
of the amity

little legs around the masses’ masses of throats
little legs deliver little masses of chokes

raw, raw
come take the meat this
genesis blesses revolting strokes
a conduit of lowly ghosts

centipede, centipede, centipede

sickening out of my mouth i pour of flesh an arrogant phase
continuous absence of compassion, catalyze body ache
all righteously my liscence might enforce your eyes aglaze
a firey blight upon your lights, righteous stream of graves
i’m a little centipede
you don’t wanna fuck with

little legs!

all alone
i might ride on the edge of it but it's not enough
i might rise up to separate but it’s not enough
i'm alone

all dry under my skin
natural terror, unnatural end

hide in ice i die alone
Track Name: Baked Acid
all my passing lethargy is met with a consequence
give me what I want and then leave me alone
while everyone is scrambling for bile
i grope around for sympathy and I fall short

all this fervent questioning is fodder for nothing
give me what i want and then leave me alone while
everyone convulsing a miracle
everyone expecting a hand from god

if you split yourself off
and if you split yourself into several parts
baking with acid will burn your arms off

a million synapses spit
my name all pink and bloody and
you split yourself into parts
aching will burn up your arms

an all consuming neural fire
all your eyes a null empire, you will burn your arms

i don’t wanna be this anymore
always pathetic
i wanna be an empathetic force but force my hand into my own socket
and get it get it get out
i expected more from the ether
i wanna be a breather
i want it
i'm insatiable
and I don't wanna visionary mourn
i don't wanna be this anymore

better dead than blind

universal nerves in my purse think i’m worsening
without the cure at ease if i try can i sink into the earth
can i immerse thick in fucky afterbirth emerge the hearse
I be in the satin sheets eating up the dirt
all in all my ghost approach the podium unhinged the neural purge

bah bah

you waltz around the off and on of all

i dont wanna be this anymore
get it out, i don’t know anymore
they say goodbye, they calcify my eyes
in ocular ocular ocular hell
hello I'm sick of globules

they say goodbye they calcify my eyes
in ocular ocular ocular hell
hello, hello, hello i'm sick of globules
oh impossible self
a body terrorist
a terror erotic
flip the lids expose the skin a pathogen where light cannot ever go in
never go never go in

i found the I inside sick
sickness oh loosen your grip
i found the I in tragic
sickness oh sick of your shit
Track Name: Kuru
men fled before the flying twain and shrank with bated breath
they saw there on the face of me the seal set there by death

all awake, close behind

red rum old run

my body is one i cannot leave so what do i mean?
what do i mean?

all of 'em sick, most of 'em dead
right in the eye in the back of the head

he reeled on bucking legs that failed and on and on he fled
so through the shuddering marketplace, the dying fled the dead